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Gossamer Wood llc Healing Retreat Center is a beautiful private retreat center located in a 12 acre enchanted forest outside of Canandaigua, near Rochester, New York.  It is available for private retreats or seminars on healing and spiritual growth topics as well as private parties and functions.  The property features a large seminar / workshop room, library of personal and spiritual growth material, large kitchen, massage room, guest room, large porch and deck, two hot tubs, a huge “tent-like” room in the woods for private or group workshops (Bliss Recreation Center), sweat lodge, organic garden, and so much more.   You can hike and meditate by the brook, or camp in the middle of the yard or in the middle of nowhere.

There are often weekend programs here, such as woods meditations, Reiki classes, BodyTalk Access overviews, sweat lodges, guest speakers coming in from other centers, and of course private BodyTalk healing sessions by appointment



Mission Statement

The Health Care System Solution using
An Informed People-Centered Model

Preface: We are facing major challenges in our existing health care systems and many believe we are in a crisis. Gossamer Wood llc is a place and a concept wherein people can take back the responsibility for their own healthcare.  The concept is simple, "go back to the basics of personal responsibility", and don’t turn over your long-term health decisions to anyone else.  To this end, we provide educational seminars and workshops, and research into the latest concepts of energy healing.  This work does not replace traditional medical care for emergencies or serious health crises.  Rather it offers information about all the options for people to make informed choices about their own future

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Healing Retreat Center Information

Our mission is to operate as a loving private atmosphere where our friends and their friends are welcome to come and study, relax, walk in the woods, meditate by the brook, and find the means to heal themselves from the inside.  Most of the work involves expanding the concepts around the BodyTalk System healing protocol, but we are open to all other modalities of healing and spiritual growth.

This is a place where you can offer your own seminars, workshops, parties, and demonstrations, in addition to obtaining the healing treatments of your choice.  We ask only for donations to support the building overhead, research work, the library, periodicals, building maintenance and the cost of bringing in outside speakers.

See the calendar for a list of current and future activities.  You are welcome to call and request the use of the facilities for a nominal donation.

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The People and The Vision

First off, it's important to stress that The Gossamer Wood llc Healing Retreat Center was created as a quantum consciousness modification healing venue.  It is not connected to any large corporation, organization or religious group. Nonetheless, most of the world's religions have already addressed healing issues, often called “laying on of hands”, “Spiritual Healing”, “Psychic Healing”, chakra balancing, shamanic journeying and many other names significant to the culture.  As science and philosophy converge on the proper understanding of the universe and the real “facts of life”, more and more people are finding resonance in the zero-point, all-inclusive energy matrix theory, and we accept that at the deepest, most significant levels, religion has much to offer when combined with philosophy and science.

We are a loosely organized group of open-minded researchers, healers and scientists who have made significant discoveries that we want to share with you.  Heading the healing research in Las Vegas and in upstate NY, USA, is Bill Dewey, a retired research and development engineer turned healer by combining the known healing research from a number of fields.  Starting with a strong interest over 50 years ago in the Edgar Cayce health and philosophy readings, then Therapeutic Touch certification, became ordained as a non-denominational priest after the Order of Melchizedek, studied some chiropractic methods, taught Esalen massage, he then became a practitioner of Reiki healing and The BodyTalk System .  This is the world’s foremost healing protocol which uses safe, non-invasive healing techniques from Dr. John Veltheim of Australia and Sarasota, Fl.

This Bodytalk System is currently under study and clinical practice, along with indigenous shamanic techniques and the melding of pure science of consciousness research and involving quantum physics concepts, zero point energy, multi-dimensional Hyperspatial matrixes, etc. combined with ancient healing forms such as Reiki, Hatha Yoga, Auruvedic and many other systems both old and new.

Many others are participating in this work, both locally and via their own websites. You are invited to browse the locations below as well as the upstate NY practitioners at The BodyTalk System  website.

Many well-known researchers worldwide are rapidly converging on the nature of healing.  We may or may not be working closely with any of them, depending on our time constraints.  You may have heard of Arthur C. Clarke, Bernie Siegel, Larry Dossey, Lynne McTaggart, hasseim      Col. Tom Bearden and Deepak Chopra, all of whom have hailed “The Field” (of universal healing energy and inter-dimensional energy) as providing a radical new view of the world.

One discovery is that every molecule emits its own unique frequency, which is used for communication. French scientists have shown that you can record the frequency of a molecule, play it to another molecule and the signal itself can take the place of chemicals in initiating biological processes. The prevailing idea --- that chemical reactions occur because chemicals collide with each other randomly--- has always been too dependent upon chance and requires a good deal of time. It cannot account for the speed of biological processes---like the physiological reactions following anger, joy, sadness or fear.  Witness the rapid change in facial color (blushing response) when you are suddenly embarrassed in front of friends.  There isn’t time for the release of hormones into the bloodstream that would trigger other endocrine glands to activate and eventually open the blood capillaries in your cheeks.

Perhaps most controversial of all, the scientists working on the frontier have also discovered that the most basic of all the brain's functions have to do with the interaction between the brain and the Zero Point (or etheric energy) field of consciousness. New evidence shows the brain's conversations with the body might also occur on the quantum level, with waves and frequencies, rather than with chemical or electrical impulses alone.  In fact, studies in America on humans and animals show that the cerebral cortex responds to certain limited bands of frequencies. As incredible as it seems, it appears that when we see things, we are reading information from the Zero Point Field on a quantum level and our brain 'reads out' this information to create the images we see in front of us. Some scientists have gone as far as to say that our memories don't sit inside our heads at all. Our brains are simply the retrieval and read-out mechanism of the ultimate storage medium - The Field.


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