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The BodyTalk Health Research Center is located in a private home in Canandaigua, NY, known as Gossamer Wood.  It is NOT a business.  It has never been profitable.  The few of you who come here for programs and treatments do so as invited guests and as research subjects, as do all the clients treated via telephone and email. There is never a fixed charge for our work.  Donations are accepted to cover the overhead.  Occasional lectures by invited doctors and experts in their fields may be attended by friends of Gossamer Wood, again by invitation and suggested donations only.  No one is turned away if they can't afford it.

Protandim is the only product we offer, and we pass it along at our cost, and prefer that you just sign up with the company and receive it on autoship.  There is no advertising on this site and we don't share our e-mailing list with anyone.

Gossamer Wood llc is currently a holding company in NV which is in name only and does absolutely nothing. Here in Canandaigua, NY, The BodyTalk System is getting spectacular results in all aspects of alternative and complementary healthcare, and our health research into safe healing methods may be just what you seek for chronic pain and other ailments.  BodyTalk Rochester represents the BodyTalk Health Research Center, where they have been getting wonderful results helping people with physical pain, discomfort, trauma, disease pathology, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual concerns.  The research is leading us into many other avenues of release of the issues at the energy level, including the affects of domestic animals and plants on human health. 



a course in miricles

You may have noticed that we do not have any advertising on this site (with the exception of Life Vantage Protandim anti-aging herbs, which you can buy directly from their site at www.lifevantage.com/chrismeath).

Gossamer Wood llc runs completely on your donations.  If you would like to help out, click here to send us a donation via credit card or Paypal.



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